Back at last.
After nearly twenty-one months of virtual connectivity, it was cheer and hope in the classrooms as students trickled into their world of learning.
St Kuriakose Public School organised an imposing Class Teacher’s Interaction for all its students right from Class 1 – Class 8.
It was a hiatus from offline class and it burst open on 6th December at 9.30am.
The School campus was abuzz with the laughter of children and smiling faces. The day was filled with familiar faces, welcome back hi and curious looks. Eyes shone like bright stars.
Students were welcomed with open arms by their class teachers which instilled in them a sense of love and care.
Students were unstoppable, as they chatted non stop with their pal’s face to face.
Teachers enjoyed their innocent talks and it was moments of total bliss and excitement.
Sessions in games and play were conducted and the students could get the whiff of the smell of mud of their playground, an inseparable part of the lives of students.
All the students were gifted with chocolates and seemed to enjoy every moment of it while relishing the chocolates.
Every single minute of the morning was utilised to the fullest by the students.
And it was time to bid goodbye at 12.30pm. As the students prepared to go home, thoughts of ‘Hope to see you soon’ lingered in the air.