The mathematics club aims to work for the, interests of one fellow student. We develop student’s mathematical curiosity and interpersonal relationship skills by conducting member meetings with various topics related to mathematics. The purpose of the mathematics club is to arouse student’s interest in mathematics so that they can become confident in using mathematics to analyse and solve problems both in school and in real life situations. Mathematics is a tool to train one’s logical thinking skills. It is also a sword which can solve thousands of problems in various fields in our various daily lives.

For primary: maths club function as fun based activity for the primary classes basically to eradicate their phobia for the subject in their formative years.

For middle: it helps the middle school children to enjoy, appreciate and acquire basic knowledge by organising competitive group activities, puzzles, visits to museum, and expose conducted by other schools organisation.

For secondary & senior secondary students to enrich and discover the elegance of the subject, it’s intrinsic and inner beauty by organising maths expo and lectures by eminent resource persons.


DCL (Deepika children’s League) is a registered organisation for school children aiming at their integral growth in social, cultural and religious fields. It provides a lot of opportunities for the young generation. DCL was born out of the vision of Rev. Fr. Abel CMI, the founder of kalabhavan, the famous art education institute in kochi, kerala.

It organises a variety of programmes like:

  1. Personality development and speech practising seminars.
  2. Computer teaching and agriculture related camps.
  3. Art and literary workshops.
  4. Club will try to make participate majority of members in quiz and scholarship programmes etc.



Here we have our social service forum, with a purpose to serve the needy people. We formed our social service forum in 2015 with the conviction that academics is not the only the aspect of our learning more over we should experience how to serve humanity. Social service forum in SKPS facilitates the opportunity to our students to fulfil that objective. Many charity activities were implemented and generated our financial aid to many needy people around. We are very glad that our staffs are actively participating and supporting our forum activities, also looking ahead for future endeavours.



The film club is one of the unique features of SKPS. It gives wings to the creativity and talent of its members. The club ensures the participation of each member in choreography, stage and off stage events. It gives chances to explore the imaginative ideas and innovative thoughts of its members to have a bright future in the artistic world.


Eco club is a platform on which we got the knowledge about environment. The meaning of eco-club is a group who works to contribute in improving environmental conditions. They offer programmes and activity to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees and more. Eco-club plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation

Activities under eco club

  1. Promote ethos of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water.
  2. Motivate students to imbibe habits and life for minimum waste generation, source separation of waste and disposing the waste to the nearest storage point.
  3. Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to throw then in public places.
  4. Conducting nature camp for the students, planting trees etc.


Road Safety club is for learning road safety tops and propagating them to all the road users to make our road safe.

The objectives of the road safety club of SKPS are.

  • To develop skills among the students for interacting with various traffic situations.
  • To assist in the enforcement of traffic rules.
  • To work as a volunteer.
  • To undertake all required activities for ensuring safety of the users on road.



SKPS is committed to offering students various opportunities for extracurricular participation. IT club organizes school level presentations assembly activities and such other enrichment programs useful for the overall academic excellence of the students. The aim of this club is to impart training to students regarding the new technologies. The aim of this club is to develop creative skills in students. They learn to create various types of programs useful for the academic purpose.



One of the main attractions of SKPS is its theatre club. It helps it’s members to have intellectual experience and enrichment, where students learn about realism, naturalism and originality of life. It ignites the hidden skills and brings out the theatrical potentiality of its members to lead a real life.