The pandemic situation has driven our jobs and education into the small screen of our laptops and PCs. We are forced to adapt and change from our old ways of approaching things. Microsoft Teams provided us with the platform for online classes which proved to be useful and in many ways reliable. However, SKPS management kept thinking about how to make study materials easily available to the students. That’s when Fr. Tomy Thervalakkattayil and Fr. Joby Pannooraayil came up with ideaof the SKPS E-Learning Portal was born! The inauguration of the portal was one SKPS awaited for. The portal was set in motion on by Bishop Gheevarghese Mar Aphrem, Auxiliary Bishop of Kottayam. He stressed on the importance of giving the students our efforts and time which will only benefit them in the long run. He also appreciated the efforts put behind this work. ”The E-Learning Portal is user friendly and provides quick access to each subject for each grade. The subjects, in detail, have been prepared by the teachers. Each topic/lesson is broken down into simpler meanings by laying out questions ranging from one word to essay, videos and images for meanings, problems that make us think in different angles and activities that keep a student active throughout the academic year!” said Fr. Tomy Thervalakkattayil (Manager,SKPS) during the inauguration. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil (Principal, SKPS) thanked the entire E-Learning technical staff – Ms. Rejani, Ms. Nilna, Ms, Saritha and Mr. Jacob who spent countless days in dealing with technical and presentation side of the portal. Yet another landmark for the SKPS family.