“Karuthal”: Kerala Government RabiesAwarness program.

In 2022, The state of Kerala witnessed a sudden upsurge in the number of reported Rabies cases. Rabies, a deadly virus that spread to people from the saliva of infected animals, started to spread in Kerala through the bite of stray dogs. The situation got so worsened much that around 20 people lost their lives.

Considering the dreadful situation, The government of Kerala took initiative and launched an Anti-Rabies awareness program, which was termed “Karuthal”.It aimed at making common people and school students aware of Rabies and prevention methods. Correspondingly, certain schools were selected for the conduction of an Anti-rabies awareness seminar.

It was an honour and proud privilege for SKPS that, SKPS was one of the 3 schools selected in the Kottayam district for the conduction of the seminar. Also, SKPS is the only school in Vaikom Taluk that got the opportunity for the seminar conduction. The seminar took place on October 7, 2022, in the school auditorium. The seminar was conducted by Dr Ajith Kumar. The seminar explained about Rabies virus and preventive measures against the infection. Students were called on stage and the seminar was conducted in an extraordinary manner. After the seminar, the validation took place. It began with a prayer led by the school choir.

The dais’ of Skps was occupied by honourable political dignitaries and also by our principal Rev. Fr Joby Kurian Pannorayil OSB, Rev. Fr Bino Cheriyil OSB on the occasion. SKPS organised the seminar with the support of Nallapadam&Social Service Club of SKPS. Kumari Niranjana Jose, secretary of Nallapadam&Social Service Club gave the welcome note. Smt. Sainamma Shaju, the president of Kaduthuruthy gramma panchayat delivered the Presidential address. After the presidential address, the most awaited “lighting the lamb” ceremony took place. Adv. Mons Joseph, MLA of Kaduthuruthy constituency was the chief guest of the function. He addressed the audience through his speech and the whole stage was enlightened by his golden words. He explained the importance of conducting an Anti-rabies awareness program in such a situation. Next, Smt. Shiny Stephen, Ward member, Njeezhoor grama panchayat, took the stage. She felicitated the audience through her inspiring words. She appreciated the way the school organised the seminar. At last, Mrs Celia James expressed words of gratitude on behalf of the SKPS family.

The Anti-Rabies Awareness Seminar conducted in SKPS was an overall success. It made the students and teachers of Skps aware of the issue. Reports of the seminar conducted at SKPS were published through the columns of the “Malayala Manorama” Newspaper.