YOUTH FESTIVAL is the festival of youth where the youth celebrate their youthfulness. If so this is the greatest of all festivals; because youthfulness is the greatest blessing God has ever bestowed on us in his generous bounty or in his bounteous generousty.

Twinkling lights outside

Shining stars inside

A day of colors and talents

The official inauguration of Sapienza 2019 was done by Sri. Dileesh  Pothan, Director, Actor and Producer, which was quite in the fitness of things Sri. Dileesh Pothan has substantially contributed to the world cinema through the medium of Malayalam film.

The official meeting was presided over by Rev. Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil. In the welcome speech, he specially mentioned about the need of nurturing one’s talents and how SKPS has been supporting the same.

The inauguration of SKPS Digital Recording Studio, the one and only of its kind, one of the dream projects of our management was also done by Sri. Dileesh Pothan.

Rev. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB, the manager, a priest of propriety and probity proposed the vote of thanks. The guest of the day was honoured by Rev. Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil and a memento was also presented by Rev. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB.

After the official meeting the various events on different stages reposed. All together the day will be ever green in the minds of SKPSians. Thanks to the management for their care and support. A big whole-hearted Thanks to members of SKPS FAMILY -Teachers, Non Teaching Staff, Students, Parents  and all well-wishers, who made this day a grand success.



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