SKPS Parliament election was held on 18th june 2018 to promote respect towards democracy and encourage the student to take responsibility. It was held on our parliamentary election. We have organized every process of a democratic election such as Election Campaign, meet the candidate programme with an outcome to aware our students in democratic proceeding of our country. Our endeavor is to facilitate our students to experience moreover enable to undertake democratic value but also as a moral value to imbibe in day today life.  School also paved the way to nurish the a disciplinary approach in the process of electing the right candidate.

Monday morning all students availed  this privilege of exercising  franchise using electronic voting in the Computer Lab, created polling station in the school the chief election commissioner was

Mr. George Korah, Master Christy Joseph (XI C), Master Manu Vijay (XII C) were the candidate for head boy and  Kumari Sona Sunny (XII B), Priya Mariya Joshy (XI C) were the head girl candidates. Students from class 6 to 12 casted their vote.  After a peaceful election and counting our Principal  Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattu, announced the result, Master Manu Vijay and Kumari Sona Sunny were elected as the school representative for the academic year 2018-19.