Education does not simply mean the ability to read and write. It aims at the holistic development of the child. In this fast moving technical world, the students are no more interested to cramming facts. Their minds work faster than the jet planes. Inorder to make use of their curiosity and enthusiasm to learn, a one day Science Exhibition was organised in St. Kuriakose Public School on 12th october 2019, wherein students showcased outstanding static and working models along with exceptional art and craft items.

             Major objective behind organising the Science Expo was to provide the platform and unleash the potential of the student, by their innovative projects and to provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate their learning experiences. Thus our 27th Science Fair-2019, became a wonderful tool for engaging students in learning new facts and inventions with a zeal of interest.

           The formal inauguration of the Science Fair was done by the Chief guest Dr. Shree Hari Narayanan MBBS, by cutting the ceremonial thread. He was our former student, who currently works as the medical officer at Co-operative Hospital, Kaduthuruthy. He lauded the school management for bringing out hidden talents of students and focussing on creating more scientific awareness in them.

            After the official inaugural function, the exhibition display was opened for all. Students from standard I to XII displayed their innovative models and miniatures. The exhibits were indeed eye openers on various topics related to Environment, Technology, Bio-diversity,Communication etc. The scientific fervour and novel ideas of students resulted in the making of various fantabulous models such as electric bell, smoke absorber, electric sharpener, windmill, water dispenser,still model of Chandrayaan II, electric mixy, coin collector, working model of ATM etc.The Art and craft sections were not far behind. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amongst students, teachers and parents. The onlookers were fascinated by the display. Along with this DC Books, one of the largest publishers in Kerala organised a book fair in our school auditorium.

         The exhibition winded up successfully with the timely coordination and kind cooperation of all. In this occasion we have to specially mention our beloved Manager Rev. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB and our Principal Rev. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil OSB, who took the initiative of encouraging students and teachers to put up such a wonderful and enlightening exhibition.