As per the curriculum put forward by the CBSE for the academic year 2020-21, practical’s were conducted through the online ‘OLABS’, developed by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY).

In addition, subject teachers of Class XII, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, took videos of their respective practicals and uploaded the same in the SKPS Youtube channel.

Strictly following the COVID Protocol and instructions from the Health Department, Class XII Science students were brought to the school in batches of twenty students each, from November 23-November27,2020 for doing the practicals.

As per the instructions from the Health Department , these students were brought to the school again for practice and to repeat the practical’s from January 25, 2021 – February 1, 2021.

Model practical examinations will be conducted for class XII students from February 15- February 20,2021.

Online training for practicals were rendered through OLABS for classes 9, 10 and XI. Videos were shown and simulations done of the respective practicals.

On the basis of OLAB, a ‘Theory-based Annual Practical’ examination was conducted for students of class XI, Science batch.