St. Kuriakose Public School, Kaduthuruthy has celebrated the Feast Day of the Heavenly Patron St. Kuriakose and his mother St. Juliet on 15th July, 2021, Thursday at the school auditorium. It was also live streamed on YouTube  and Facebook. The official inauguration of the Patron’s Day celebration has begun at 10.30 am with a beautiful introduction about St. Kuriakose and St. Juliet and their glorious martyrdom. Then, Ms. Subi and Ms. Greeshma invoked the presence of God with the prayer song. Master Karthik Suresh and Master Bezalel Stephen of class 10 did the welcome speech. Rev. Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB delivered the presidential address and also conveyed the feast day wishes to Rev. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil OSB. In the lamp lighting ceremony, the Chief guest of the day, Shri. Jose Puthenkala, Vice president of District Panchayat, lighted the lamp and inaugurated the occasion. In the inaugural address, he conveyed his greetings and heartfelt wishes on the Patron’s day.

Rev. Fr. Shaji Padinjarakunnel OSB felicitated the event with his thoughtful words and he emphasized the contributions made by the school for the overall development of its students. Rev. Fr. Jinsho Thottathikuzhiyil OSB said words of felicitation and emphasized that the school gives wings to its children to fly high. The PTA President of the school, Shri. Santhosh Kumar also felicitated the event and talked about the inspiration and initiatives provided by the school to empower the students’ faith in God. The felicitations were followed by the cake cutting ceremony where Rev. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB cut the cake and gave the reply speech. He elaborated on the heavenly blessings and protection given by the Patron on the school and its students. Then, Rev. Fr. Biju Thazhathecheruvil osb honoured the distinguished guest Shri. Jose Puthenkala by presenting him a ponnada. He also congratulated the priests who are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their priesthood by presenting the ponnada. The formal inauguration of the Patron’s day celebration ended with the Vote of thanks by Rev. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil OSB, Principal of SKPS Kaduthuruthy. After the inaugural session, the students of the school performed various cultural events that were really mesmerizing and feast for the eyes.