We started our journey from SKPS family on 25th evening by 09:00 PM. We reached Mysuru the next day by 09:00 in the morning and freshen up in the hotel. Later by 10 AM, we had our breakfast and the first place we visited was the Zoo. Mysore zoo is one of the 10 most popular zoos in India. Once we took a zoo walk, we returned to the same place where we had breakfast, and had our lunch.

Our second destination in Mysore was the beautiful Mysore Palace, belonging to the Wodeyar Dynasty. We were astounded by its beauty as it shimmered, sparkled and shone in the light of the midday sun. We took our first group photo here in front of the palace.

By evening, we went to Brindavan Gardens which has lots of wide open spaces and colourful fountains. Later that evening, we went to Chamundi Hills, and the views from there were quite breathtaking. The lookout views from both these hilltops were quite incredible. Diwali Lights were glowing the entire city. That was a wrap for Day 1. From Chamundi Hills, we came back and had our dinner. By 10:45 PM, we all went to bed.

27th morning by 8:30, we all were ready. First we visited the famous St. Philomena’s church.
Stood tall in British architecture and statues of the wise outside to greet us. Though the church from the inside was small, it still enclosed all the positive energy to give calmness to the mind. Here we had our second group photo. We also visited the crypt.

Then after having breakfast, we started our Day-2 journey towards the Coorg. It was 4 hour journey which we enjoyed the most. We “Rocked the party, hit it hard style” and various Talent Show combined with memory sharing were the highlights.

Reaching Coorg, after having our lunch, we visited the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet-Golden Temple, The Tibetan Monastery which attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, photographers, travellers and last but not the least religious people in search of enlightenment. Now here we are , at the gates of the Monastery. Beyond this point is a different world. Outside it may be chaos but after this point it’s all peaceful. Outside you can find people trying to park their vehicle, some other people asking alms, street side vendors trying to make a living, but inside its calm and quiet.

From there we headed to the bamboo forest where we spent rest of our day in bamboo forest, adventure rides, shopping, etc,etc. And once we finished the exploration-adventure-shopping event, we set our spring shoes for the camp fire. It was an amazing DJ session.

After DJ, we had our dinner and headed back home by 9:30 PM. By the grace of God and prayers of many, we reached safe back on 28th October, 2019.

Let the pictures speak for itself.