Every year, June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day. People across the world celebrate by planting trees. But is this day actually important as it is meant to be?
Politicians and influencers act like they are concerned about the environment, but in reality, they use it as an excuse to take pictures and post for likes. Nowadays, people celebrate the environment by debating on the internet.

We tend to forget that we humans are mere animals too. We thankfully have the gift of consciousness to think and act wisely. But ultimately, our basic needs are met by the environment. What would happen if climate change becomes unbearable? What will we do about the diseases which follow?

When we pollute the environment, Nature strikes back with its full force. Even the smallest cracks done to the life cycle can lead to disastrous outcomes. Therefore let us begin from our homes. Plant more trees and reduce the use of plastic.

Every one of us should incorporate this year’s theme “Only One Earth” into our everyday routines. Instead of just posting on social media, let us keep our actions alive for one and only MOTHER NATURE.