SKPS has professionally qualified and experienced counsellors for providing counselling at Elementary, Secondary and Higher secondary students. The School provides: 

  1. Individual counselling
  2. Group counselling
  3. Tele counselling
  4. Parenting counselling
  5. Vocational guidance and special needs services
  6. Standardised test administration and interpretation
  7. Non standardised assessment (Case studies, observation, questionnaire)
  8. Classroom and other group guidance activities
  9. Organising and conducting counselling groups
  10. Motivation classes


The school is regularly in touch with the students as online classes are going on and we keep them motivated through talks and discussions. Phone numbers of counsellors have been shared with parents. Counsellors listen to the queries of both students and parents and conduct face to face interaction. The counsellors help emotionally disturbed children to arrive at happier and satisfying solutions to their problems and help children with their academic difficulties. The counsellors directly deal with students on matters concerning emotional problems, self-understanding, and decision-making, educational and vocational planning, etc.