Climate Change is the top threat faced by the world. It has already resulted in the extinction of different species and we humans are no different from any other animal species on earth. Our students have prepared a wonderful blog on the topic “CLIMATE CHANGE” and BEST 4 were awarded a certificate, prize and a medal of honour. All the students who participated were given the medal and recognition of “CLIMATE WARRIORS”.

The certificates and medals were distributed by Rev. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil, Principal and Vice-Principal Mr Babu Joseph. We would also like to thank Prathiba Ma’am, Rani Mariya Ma’am, Bijo P T Sir, Neethu Miss, Sangeetha Ma’am, Jacob Sir, Mr Aji and all others who helped to arrange everything for the presentation ceremony.

The activity was conducted for the standard 10 students. 27 students participated and out of them, 4 best were chosen. The write-up was conducted in the form of a BLOG WRITING competition. Students were so creative and presented their ideas in a wonderful way. By this, we were able to spread the message that climate change is real and we all share only one planet- Earth which is our home and we need to protect it. Let us save the earth by becoming CLIMATE WARRIORS, say no to plastic and spread the message. Let us use renewable sources of energy to protect our planet. Thanks to everyone who participated and the journey is not over, it just began…


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