SKPS has organised a unique talk-session on the topic ‘Adolescence’ for students from standard 9 to 12 covering the entire afternoon session. In fact this was a session much wanted by the students of their age. The speaker most imaginatively and effectively touched all those areas where student need telling.The various unforseen dangers where sudents might in peril themselves have been laid bare before the students and they were seriosly warned to be on their guard against such hazards. The Resource Person Mrs. Rigi Paulose,  is a Faculty of  Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. She is also the State Resource Person of Cyber Cell and Anti-Narcotic cell. She took the students along with her as she cautioned them about all possible dangers that they have to be careful about.

It was an eye opener for the students in general and in particular to those that have morbid propensities for going astray. We must really thank Mrs. Rigi Paulose for having truly helped our students with her ennobled moral sense and gift of the gab.