Goodbye would mean that we are never going to see each other again which that is definitely not true. How can we even imagine not seeing you guys tomorrow? This might be the last day of school life but trust it, the life that we are about to embark from tomorrow is filled with more colours and more beautiful words. An important chapter of our lives is coming to an end. However, there is a whole new chapter of life awaiting us.

Furthermore, for many of us, thinking about the future is an unsettling experience. Moreover, this is something which we all like to avoid. Some of us even undertake procrastination whenever the talk of the future comes up. This is certainly not a good attitude on our part.

The future is not something that we should fear. Rather it is a challenge that we should all gladly embrace.

We don’t know what the future holds for us. In fact, this is a question that no one can answer. Hopefully, our school’s experience and learning will come to our rescue.

Furthermore, the values of our school have filled us with so much confidence that we can readily take on any challenge. So, walk into your new life courageously with your head raised high.

You are part of SKPS family – then, now, forever.

We couldn’t throw a party for our dear children due to the pandemic but we showered our sincere blessings and prayers for outgoing board batch of standard 12. We had a small afternoon meeting filled with felicitations, memory sharing, wishes, blessings and lot of love – all under covid protocols. Vice Principal Mr. Babu Joseph addressed the audience with welcome speech and delivered an unpaid message for the students.


Fr. Biju Thaazhathucheruvil (Vallambrosan Congregation, India), Fr. Tomy Thervalakkattayil (Manager),  Fr. Joby Pannoorayil (Principal, SKPS) and  Fr. Stephen Kozhiparambathu (Bursar) were present along with Prof. P J John who spoke to the students sharing their memories and giving them one last sublime thought before our dear students move towards the board examination.

Teachers and students shared their indelible and beautiful thoughts that they had during this special year. The meeting ended with the heartfelt blessings and prayers for our dear children who held the candles and the spread the light of the burning candle as we could see the smiling lips on the bye-bye faces for one last time. But they all know, no matter what we all are part of SKPS Family and we don’t get separated by distance.

It’s just end of another day, not a full stop…..