Sports Academy


Nurture Your Child's Inner Athlete at
SKPS Sports Academy!

Best CBSE School in Kottayam

Rev. Dr. Vineesh Jose Tharayil


Our vibrant Sports Academy is dedicated to nurturing young athletes and fostering a lifelong love for sports. We offer a diverse range of training programs in football, badminton, skating, athletics, volleyball, and cricket, catering to all skill levels and interests. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, students can develop their athletic abilities, build confidence, and learn valuable teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

Browse our photo gallery to witness the excitement of our programs in action! You’ll see students engaged in training sessions, showcasing their skills at sports events, and celebrating achievements at our annual Sports Meet. Additionally, we host a fun-filled summer camp every year during April and May, offering a unique opportunity to explore different sports and make lasting memories.