1st Dec – 6th Dec

It is a well-known fact that school is the first place where habits are formed. This year due to the pandemic, children were compelled to shut themselves within the four walls of their houses because of which their habits lost way. Today, the need of the hour is to educate them about the means of overcoming obesity, stress and anxiety through regular exercise, thus enhancing self-esteem and confidence in them.

A week-long fitness programme under the banner ‘Fit India School Week’ is thought of to be virtually celebrated by St. Kuriakose Senior Secondary School from December 1 to 6, stated principal, school management and physical education teachers.

The fitness coordinator briefed the students, parents and staff about the strategy employed to convey the need to remain fit.Accordingly, a virtual assembly with free hand exercises, fun and fitness with aerobics, dance forms, rope skipping, zig zag and shuttle running were demonstrated on day 1.

Virtual challenges for the students and staff such as squats challenge, step-up challenge, jumping jack, rope skipping and plank posture will be assigned.

The last day of the fitness week was a day dedicated to family fitness: This involved activities for fitness sessions at home involving students and parents by creatively using home-based equipment for sports like any wooden piece bat to play cricket and TT ball to play badminton or tennis.

The prime objective of the movement is to bring about a change for the children from spending ‘Passive Screen Time’ to ‘Active Field Time’. These activities not only help students to develop physically but also to make them explore the history and indigenous games of India.

‘Success and fitness are closely connected. All successful people are fit. Let us understand that this fitness week has the potential to inspire the students to conquer their fears by keeping healthy, fit and happy.