About Us


Where Education Blossoms

Nestled in Kaduthuruthy, Kerala, St. Kuriakose Public School (SKPS) isn’t just an institution; it’s a testament to the Vallombrosan Benedictine community’s vision of nurturing young minds. This vision translates into exceptional infrastructure, academic excellence, and a dedicated faculty, creating an environment where students thrive.

A Haven for Learning: Stepping onto the SKPS campus is like entering a world designed for knowledge exploration. Spacious classrooms hum with modern technology, while well-equipped labs spark scientific curiosity. From the library’s vast resources to the auditorium’s vibrant events, every corner caters to intellectual growth. Sports facilities fuel physical well-being, while art and music rooms ignite creative flames.

Academic Acumen: SKPS boasts a legacy of academic excellence. Rigorous yet comprehensive curriculums equip students for both higher education and real-world challenges. Year after year, outstanding exam results stand as a testament to the school’s commitment to academic achievement.

Guiding Lights: At the heart of SKPS lie its experienced and passionate faculty. These experts in their fields go beyond mere instruction, fostering personalized attention and igniting a love for learning. Through innovative methods and engaging strategies, they nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing students for future success.

Beyond Academics: SKPS recognizes the importance of holistic development. A kaleidoscope of extracurricular activities – sports, music, dance, art – allows students to explore their talents and passions. Moreover, the school instills strong values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion, shaping well-rounded individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to society.

Investing in the Future: SKPS is more than just a school; it’s an investment in your child’s future. With its exceptional infrastructure, academic excellence, and dedicated faculty, the school empowers young minds to embrace challenges and seize opportunities. Choose SKPS, and witness your child blossom into a confident, responsible, and successful individual.