SKPS celebrated International Yoga day and World Music day on 21/06/2022.

 “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

 A little yoga each day keeps the doctor away.

“Where words fail, music speaks. Music is the literature of the heart, it commences where speech ends.”

The weather was just perfect. Class 5B conducted their morning assembly activities focusing on the theme, International Yoga day and World Music Day. Every item presented had a spark of Yoga and Music and it was presented in truly defined manner. Memorable moments were marked in style.

Fusion music filled the air by a tender musical rendition by the students. It was pure soulful music and a feast to the ears.

A calm and stimulating yoga display was performed by the yoga students This display portrayed different asanas  which benefits our body and mind and thus improves our concentration and promotes stamina.

There was a yoga demonstration where all the teachers and students took part in different yoga poses with enthusiasm and joy.

The morning assembly ended on a stellar note by imbibing the positivity of the mind and soul and also reminded us that music gives wings to the heart.