SKPS has 100% result in Plus two. Out of 71 students, 9 students got full A1 and 27 students got above 90%. 70 students secured distinction and remaining 1 student got first class. Stephanose secured 97.8% and became the school topper. Jhoncy Joseph secured 97.6% followed by Prathyash N Prakash with 96.6%.


This year also SKPS proved her proficiency and excellence by securing 100% result in
class X Board examination. Out of 109 students, 25 students got full A1, and 66 students
stood above 90%. 102 students secured distinction and remaining 7 students got first
The school topper Navaneetha Rajesh secured 99.6% marks. Nivin Ajith secured 99.2%
followed by Philix Jins with 99.2%.