Play World - Kids Outing 2023

‘Just Education is not enough, Children must have a burst of sunlight and a fun time’

A one day Picnic was arranged for classes 1 – 3 on 17th February 2023. The venue was Hangout Playworld, Ettumanoor. From the time of the picnic announcement, excitement and delight lit the faces of the children. It was happy news for them. Some were counting the days until the day happened.

And the day finally arrived. The journey to Ettumanoor began at 9.00am in the morning with a prayer by the Principal Rev Fr Joby Pannoorayil OSB and blessings for a safe and enjoyable trip. The little tots were super excited and kept singing songs on the bus till they reached the venue.

The children were amazed to see different rides as they entered the park. The jackpot of the park was the pool gala. The children had a really wholesome time in the water pool. A lot of games were arranged for the kids by the staff of Playworld and the children enjoyed every moment of it. The video games were a hit with the children. Children had a jolly time playing games and relishing their favourite snacks. The mascot of Playworld danced with the children and they were on cloud nine. The little ones thoroughly enjoyed the day and their excitement continued even after they returned from the picnic. The beautiful memories and lovely photographs of these elated kids made the day perfect.

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