Welcome to SKPS

St. Kuriakose Public School (SKPS) is the dream and vision of Vallombrosan Benedictine community in India. Located on a panoramic hilltop near Kaduthuruthy – amidst a serene locale, quite close to the headquarters of the Benedictine Vallombrosan Monastery, St. Kuriakose Public School is easily accessible from all places.

As a co-educational institution, the School promotes a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, making learning a pleasant and promising experience. Here, the students imbibe spiritual virtues and moral values which lead them to a brighter vision and higher mission. The School has the rare distinction of providing ultra modern infrastructural facilities, well-qualified and experienced faculty, highly skilled professionals as managerial staff as well as competent and committed supporting staff, all under the direct patronage of the Benedictine Vallombrosan Monastery.

The Vallombrosan Benedictine Monastic spirituality facilitates to discover divine elements of the soul and to develop keen intelligence and insight. It recalls concentration of the mind and meditation of the mystery of God, man and the universe, and to maintain serenity, simplicity, sincerity and harmony in failures and success. SKPS encourages excellence in academics, promotes inventive thinking and upholds moral and spiritual values which enable students to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively.

Vision & Mission

SKPS, a manifestation of God’s wisdom and knowledge is a perfect imagination blended with missionary zeal and spirit of Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation in India. St. John Gualbert, founder of Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation, is a perfect model for the students who want to embrace the ‘Incarnate and Eternal Wisdom’.

The motto of SKPS “In Search of Truth and Excellence” keeps the spirits sky-high and minds in the vision. Special care is provided to nurture self esteem, confidence, independent thinking, mutual respect and integrity. Achievement of wisdom, enlightenment of mind, and excellence of character are the institution’s dream about its students.

SKPS encourages excellence in academics, promotes inventive thinking and upholds moral and spiritual values which enable students to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively. It is a matter of great honour and immense joy to mention that every year SKPS is greeted by wonderful results of cent percent first class in Board Exams. The school is blessed with talented pupils, patronizing parents, dedicated staff and visionary management.

Principal's Message

Dear Students,
Greetings and a warm welcome to St Kuriakose Public School, Kaduthuruthy! I am thrilled to embark on this journey of learning, growth, and collaboration together. As we gather our aspirations and energies, I want to share a message that is close to my heart: “Embrace the Adventure.” Education is not only about acquiring knowledge; it’s also about exploring the uncharted, challenging ourselves to think differently, and discovering the endless possibilities that lie before us.

Each one of you brings a unique set of talents, dreams, and potential to our school community. Our diversity is our strength, and I encourage you to celebrate and learn from the experiences of your fellow students. Be open to new perspectives, engage in meaningful conversations, and forge connections that will enrich your academic journey.

I encourage you to set ambitious goals and strive for personal growth. Remember that success is not just about the destination, but the journey you undertake to get there. Be persistent in your efforts, and don’t hesitate to seek support when needed. Challenges are opportunities in disguise, and they often lead to the most profound learning experiences. Engage wholeheartedly in the academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities that our school offers. Whether you’re a science enthusiast, an aspiring artist, a future entrepreneur, or a dedicated athlete, this is your canvas to explore, create, and excel.

Our teachers are here not only to impart knowledge but also to guide and inspire you. They are your partners in this journey of discovery, so don’t hesitate to approach them with questions, ideas, or concerns. Additionally, our support staff and counsellors are here to ensure your well-being and provide assistance whenever needed. Let us also uphold the values of respect, kindness, and inclusivity that form the foundation of our school community. Each one of you has a unique role in creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and heard.

Lastly, I am here for each of you. My door is always open, and I am eager to listen to your ideas, concerns, and feedback. Let’s build a relationship of trust and collaboration that ensures your time at SKPS is truly exceptional. In the spirit of this new beginning, let’s venture into the academic year with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a commitment to making it the best year yet. I am excited to see the amazing things you will achieve and the positive impact you will create.

Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakkattu OSB