Today is a very special day for SKPS wherein she is unprecedentedly honoured with the graceful presence of great dignitaries of the Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation in India and abroad who are here for taking part in the Indo Sreelankan Benedictine Federation Conference which is taking place in the Ashram here at Mariamala.

SKPS being an institution where Benedictine spirit and spirituality prevail it is perfectly in keeping with propriety that we were blessed with the policy formulators of the Vallombrosan Benedictine way of life.

A formal welcome note was delivered by the MCs of the day Kumari Advika E Surjith and Kumari Thejomaye. The auditorium has never harboured a group that is more welcome than the one we had today.

Kumari Advika  E Surjith dedicated a song to honour and entertain the grand audience.

SKPS harboured almost 70 elated dignitaries. Among that a numbered few of the dignitaries were , the honoured president of ISBF Rev. Fr. James OSB conventual Prior, Navajeevan Vijayawada, Dr. Natker Wolf OSB    Abt Primas am, Rev. Sr. Christine, AIM secretary, Abbot general Rev. Fr. Antony Puthenpurackal OSB, Mother Anna Brennan of Stanbrook ,Fr. Peter Bowe Dowai Abbey England,Mrs. Gerlinde Elisabeth Buchinger Schmid.

                     These rare guests of ours are but a presence that flatters us beyond limits.

Then after a few pieces of entertainment was set by the students of SKPS which had the prayer and welcome dance, butterfly dance, wisdom dance, rock n roll, sufi dance, to list a few .

Dr. Natker Wolf OSB Abt Primas am made the audience spell bound with his magical performance in flute. Rev. Sr. Christine, AIM secretary felicitated on the occasion. Also Mother Anna Brennan of Stanbrook Abbey, shared her memories. The programme came to an end by the formal vote of thanks by Dr.M.S Michael, faculty ,Dept. of English.

 In short SKPS has witnessed a day which will be marked in the annals of her history.