St. Kuriakose Public School has been a forerunner in tapping the students talents in an imposing and spectacular manner. This ship of knowledge was sailing smoothly with respect to the co- curricular activities. Any program showcased by the students had a blend of bounce, richness and vitality.

Then all of sudden, from nowhere came a dreaded virus in the form of corona, injecting fear and anxiety in our lives. Putting human life in danger, when in contact.

All centres of learning came to a grinding halt. Teachers and students were confined to their homes.

Like a whiff of fresh air, technology came as a boon, here emerged the virtual classroom (Online learning). Educators and students embraced this new platform with readiness and vigour.

Thus, bloomed the concept of Class Teachers interaction. Saturdays were kept aside for having a relaxed and jovial time with every class teacher of the school spending quality time with the students. Movements of sharing and caring touched the core of every student’s heart. 

Assembly activities gained momentum which created a fragrance of sprightliness and sparkle to elevate their versatility.

Students were thrilled as this was their time to enhance and develop their talents. Students chipped in with their skills related to anchoring, music, dance, oratory skills and so on. 

Class Teachers interaction – An hour of cheerfulness, bliss and merriment.