Physics Lab

There is an EINSTEIN lying hidden somewhere…..

Physics is a fundamental part of science. The most satisfying part of Physics is experimentation. Testing gives highest prospect for discovery. Our Physics Lab provides ample practical experience to our students.

Chemistry Lab

Learning by doing… To bring more laurels in the years to come.

Science is widespread and has no precincts. To learn it successfully it must be experienced and if it is to be experienced it must be learnt by experimentation. The only place where the things can be experienced under controlled condition is the laboratory. In the Chemistry laboratory students learn the procedures of preparation, identification and estimation of chemical substances.

Biology Lab

A very hygenic and highly informative centre with modern facilities of experimentation.

Computer Lab

To keep the students shoulder to shoulder with the changing times. Opening to the world of information and internet….

Computer Education is introduced in Standard 1 it initiates our young students into the fascinating world of computing, and introduces them to its broad and ever growing choice of applications.

Library Hall

The school has a good library with over 10,000 titles and a reading room with 25 journals. Experienced and well – qualified librarians manage it. Open shelf system is followed and books are issued for a week on cards. The library remains open on all working days during the school hours only.