‘Children’s day celebration galore at SKPS’
SKPS celebrated Children’s day with style and grandeur . The stage rocked with some scintillating performances by teachers. The day commenced with a Chacha Nehru Competition for Std 1 and Std 2. It was a delight watching the tiny tots  walking the ramp in Nehru’s attire with innocent smile on their faces.
The official function was inaugurated by Master  K J  Albin , a student of Class 10, St Thomas School Kallara. He became famous by making a portable Hi tech Bluetooth speaker from Recycled waste materials.He bagged the first prize in the Science exhibition held at the Sub District level. He gave an inspiring message to the audience.

The teachers took the lime light on stage with their acting, singing , dancing and comedy performances. It was their turn today to don the hat of being mass entertainers. The teachers became the performers and the students were spectators. Thrilled by the breathtaking performances by their loving teachers,the children demonstrated
 their  enthusiasm and there was not a  lull moment.
Sweets were distributed to all the children and they were in high waves of excitement.
The children had a gala time of their life and enjoyed to the fullest .