Annual Report of the Academic year 2018-19

It is indeed a matter of pride and privilege to me to piece together a chronological and event wise account of yet another year, which stands very unique for many reasons. I pen this with a mix of pleasure and pain for reasons which can be guessed by all thronged here. The year that followed the silver jubilee is distinguished for the multiple roles played by this institution without parallel.

The curtain raiser to the academic year was the colourful inaugural ceremony held on 4th June. The year is known for its theme ‘Speranza’- Towards success with fortitude. The logo was ‘unveiled’ in the meeting presided over by Rev. Fr Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB. Earlier the students, teachers, parents and all presided aspirants were given a cordial welcome by Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB the customary Lamp was lighted before delivering the inaugural address by Ms. Sameera S, civil service designate and the chief guest of the day. The school couldn’t have asked for a better person to grace the opening day function. She exhorted the students to dream sky high and underlined the fact that there is no substitute to planning and hard work. The institution could n’t have identified a better talent to enlighten the inmates. Rev. Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattu OSB the school principal proposed the vote of thanks.

The babies of the school, the students admitted to class 1 were welcomed on 6th June in a separate inaugural ceremony marked for colour and gait. The day became more objective with a seminar for parents by Fr. Jiblin Kuzhiveli, Director Thuvanisa Prayer house, Kothanalloor. He, in his inaugural speech emphasis delicate and crucial role of parents and teachers in the character building of students and in nation building.


The ultimate test in the case of any schools is the results. SKPS keeping its past reputation came out with colourful results in both X & XII CBSE exams.

In XIIth standard results, Anuja Jose became school topper with 97.2% marks. Besides Anuja, Abhirami Rajeev, Ajeena C A, Lisna Maria Roy and Tess Maria Sunil secured A1 in all subjects. Out of 109 students 96 students managed distinction and 13 got first class and in CBSE Xth result the school secured 100% results. Riya Jose, Meenakshi S, Devaprabha S Nair, Adithya Sekhar and Elizabeth Alex secured A1 in all subjects. Meenakshiand Riya Jose shared the top place. 38 students secured marks grater than 90% and 101 above distinction.

School Election

Elections to school parliament always provide an early exposure to nations greatest democratic process, ‘the election’, enacted in school levels. In a neck and neck competition on 18th June Master Manu Vijay and Kumari Sona Sunny were elected Head boy and Head girl respectively. For nurturing hobbies and leadership qualities, the students were assigned membership and responsibilities of various clubs and houses on 7th Jun.

Investiture & Award Meet

SKPS in the role of an ‘alma matre’ has always been generous in honouring the achievements of its former students. Investiture ceremony and Award meet was held on 22 Jun 2018. The formal function presided over by Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB stood out for the presence of an array distinguished guests Prof. Harikumar Changampuzha, Asst Prof. School of letters, MG university, Mr. Jain P Luckose MVI S.R.O. Uzhavoor and Master Amal Mathew Rank holder in All Kerala Engineering Entrance. Prof. Harikumar held the audience spell bound with his inaugural address, that followed the traditional lighting of the lamp.

Investiture ceremony and handing over the portfolio band was done by Mr. Jain P Luckose. Awards of merit were also given to place holders in CBSE exams. The function stands out for the award bestowed upon Master Amal Mathew, recognition to his outstanding performance in All Kerala Engineering Entrance of the year. Another unique aspect remained the honouring of the retired staff. Their services were gratefully and fondly remembered while giving away school mementoes.


PTA General Body was conducted on July 28 an executive members were elected. The first executive committee was held on August 9, in which Mr. Mathew K Joseph was elected as PTA President for the academic year.

Dr. Tharsis Joseph’s Award to Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB

Conferring of Dr. Tharsis Joseph Foundation Award hosted by SKPS stands out as an event unprecedented in the school. It was really a matter of great pride that SKPS was requested to play host to an award day, known among countless social workers all over. To top it all, Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB, was the one who was honoured this year’s coveted prize for his priceless services in the field of Educational and Social work. In an award meet presided over by Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB. The chief guest of the day, Mar Mathew Moolakkattu lighted the traditional lamp and delivered the scholarly inaugural address and bestowed the award to Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB.

A website of Fr. Tomy was launched by Mr. Johnson Kottukapally, President Njeezhoor Panchayat, Prof. Denny Thomas, Secretary. Dr. Tharsis Joseph Educational Charitable Trust and Mr. Roy Chemmanam, PTA president were the other luminaries on the Dias to felicitate the moments of glory, pride and bliss.

Patron’s day

As is in the yester years, the school celebrated patron’s day on 13th July 2018, to pay obeisance to our patron St. Kuriakose. In a meeting presided over by Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB, chief guest of the day Mar Joseph Pallikaparambil, Bishop Emeritus of Pala lighted the traditional lamp and delivered the keynote address. The prestigious school magazine was released by Adv. Bindu Thomas, member Kerala state commission for minorities, subsequent to an enlightening keynote address. One of the matchless aspirants of the school Mr. Johnson Kottukapallil was complimented too on the occasion of his ascent to the chair of Panchayat president, Njeezhoor. The colourful entertainment program staged by the staff and students added fragrance to the day.

In-service Training

Teacher’s career enrichment has always been assigned paramount importance by the school. With this objective in mind, an in-service course was conducted for teacher’s on 14th July by Mr. Sudeep Sebastian, the Director, Inspiring solutions, Kochi a trainer of repute in and outside the state.

“Be prepared is our motto”. To ensure that teachers excel first in their primary role they were given ‘hands on training’ on smart class. This is aimed at eliminating redundancy in ‘technology in teaching’.


Vaccination: For students of standard X was given on 11th September 2018.

Deworming tablets: Were given to students from 1 to XI standard on 25.10.2018.

Deworming tablets: Were given to students from 1 to XII standard boys and 9th std girls on 1.11.2018.

Vaccination for class V was held on 15th November 2018.


Class XII & X enjoyed their tour in Mysore-coorg for 3 days each.

Indo-Srilankan Karate Championship

SKPS was the centre of attraction of the locality on 10th and 11 November 2018, while it was hosting prestigious Indo-Srilankan Karate Championship. The sar studded competition kick started with a short and timely inaugural ceremony. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB, Fr. Biju, Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattu OSB, Adv. Monse Joseph MLA, Sensei H.S. Sisirakumara, President Srilankan Karate Federation, Rev. De. Sensei George Varghese Njarakunnel, JSKA Kottayam, Sensei George Sunu, President, Kottayam District Sports Karate DO association Mr. Mathew K Joseph, PTA president were a few among persons of prominence present on the stage. No doubt this has earned a prestigious spot for SKPS in the martial art map of Kerala. The school remains particularly grateful to Sensei Vinod Mathew without whose leadership and organizational skills, the event would not have culminated a great success.

Children’s day

Children’s day celebrations of the school held on 13 and 14 November 2018 stood out for various reasons. The onus of conduct of assembly rested on the teacher’s shoulders. They were the cynosure of all eyes of the assembly and entertainment program that took place in the post lunch session. The limelight of the afternoon session was stolen by the cine star Ms. Neetha Pillai, Poomaram Heroine. Rev. Fr. Joseph Edathumparambil, Vicar, Holy Ghost Forane Church Muttuchira, Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB, Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB, Mr. Mathew K Joseph also made the occasion rich with their mesmerizing presence.

School Youth festival

It has always been school’s endeavor to offer various platforms to its students to showcase their latent talents and to nurture it round the year. The 26th edition of school youth festival was held on 8th August 2018. In the short yet sweet inaugural ceremony, held in the morning, Smt. Sajimol Joseph, Vice president, Njeezhoor Grama Panchayat declared the festival open. It was a closely contested day for all the houses. Red house became in first position.


Annual sports was conducted on 29th September 2018 on its expensive ground. Flag was hoisted by the chief guest Mr. K.V. Francis Physical Education Teacher from for the school for deaf at Neerpara, Kottayam. March past, yoga and Aerobics were displayed in its most attractive form. Red house knocked out other houses to wrest first place.

In addition, Sports day for Kiddies exclusively was conducted on 29th November 2018. Rev. Fr. Boby Pannorayil OSB was the chief guest who inaugurated the meet.



Our students participated in All Kerala Lakshadweep CBSE Central Sports Meet 2018-19 held at Municipal Stadium Pala. Christy Sabu secured the second prize in Javelin throw under 17 girls category and she was selected for the CBSE National Athletics Championship 2018-19 held at Karnataka.

The district athletics sports meet held at Municipal Stadium Pala on 19th November 2018. SKPS won under 14 boys got the over all first position and under 17 boys got the overall second position in the same. We got 6 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.

Ansh Roy : 3000m – Gold, 1500m – Bronze – Under 17 Boys

Johnson Biju Manayath : 3000m – Silver – Under 17 Boys

Irene John : 600m, 400m – Gold – Under 14 Girls

Abhijit Vinod : 600m – Gold – Under 14 Boys

Mathew Aubin Sony : 800m, 400m – Bronze – Under 17 Boys

Sreehari S : 100m, 200m – Gold – Under 14 Boys

Rio Mathew Roy : 400m – Silver – Under 14 Boys

SKPS team : 4x100m Relay – Bronze – Under 17 Boys

(Mathew Aine Sony, Mathew Aubin, Manas M B, Pranav)

: 4x100m Relay – Silver – Under 14 Boys

(Abhijit Vinod, Fran Thomas, Rio Mathew Roy, Sreehari S)


In Kottayam Sahodaya chess championship 2018-19 held at Baker Vidyapeedam, Kottaym. Resmi Ravindran secured a second prize in chess under 19 girls category.

School magazine

It is a matter of great pride to declare that our school magazine this year too, won the prestigious first place in Kottayam Sahodaya.


Charity and altruism were put to practice by school management, staff and students on more than one occasion in this year. The following gives a brief account of the outstanding instances when school rose to the summit of humankind and consider, when the State Kerala was lashed by cyclone OKHI and floods of unprecedented magnitudes. The following are the major contributions by the school,

Collected fund from students and teachers and donated Rs.2,50,000/- to relief camps and to the Chief Minister’s relief fund and collected clothes from nearest places and distributed to relief camps in proximity.

  • Preparation and distribution of 2000 pkt chapathies to camp.
  • 1000 Lunch packets to different camps.
  • Collected bottles and filled with sterile water and distributed to camps.
  • Cleaning materials to Alappuzha and Chengannur, Vaikom and Ezhumanthuruthu after the floods for sanitation.
  • Procured 2500 note books and geometry boxes and distributed to same in St. Michel’s LP School, Veliyanadu, St. Mary’s school Kallissery and Fathima Matha School, Thadiyampadu.

Annual day

SKPS celebrated its 26th annual day on 21 Dec . This year’s celebration was deliberately clubbed together with Christmas celebrations with a view to declare allegiance to flood victims of Kerala. Unlike in the yesteryears this year kiddies show, the formal annual day meeting and cultural show were fused into a three hour show that commenced at 1.30 pm on 21 Dec. The chief guest of the first half of the show staged exclusively by the kiddies was Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB. The latter half of the afternoon was graced by the presence of M.S. Dr. Sona, the municipal chairperson Kottaym and by Fr. Abraham Parambattu, Vicar St. Mary’s Valiyapally, Kaduthuruthy.

Rev Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattu OSB the Principal presented the annual report following the words of welcome and hospitality by Fr .Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB. All meritorious students of the preceding academic year were presented with mementoes by Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB and customary cake was cut by Fr. Abraham. Amidst thundering applause red house (?) was awarded the covetous overall champion trophy. The school head boy Master Manu proposed the vote of thanks to bring curtains down to the days proceedings.


I personally remain thankful to the management in giving me the liberty to act and necessary scaffolding at most opportune moments. It will be ungrateful of me if I don’t express my unfathomable gratitude to Vallombrosan Benedictine Community in India, Rev. Fr. Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB, Prior, Rev. Fr. Tomy Thervalakattayil OSB, the school Manager & Rev. Fr. Joby Pannoorayil OSB, Vice principal & Bursar, Fr. Jinse Puhtupallimyalil, Procurator in particular.

The school owes its achievements to the unflinching support of teachers, staff and parents alike. They always acted as game changers and catalysts.

Last but not the least, let me thank all the children of the school for their, faith, hard work, loyalty and affection. Without their whole hearted backing, we wouldn’t have won laurels one after another.

May I seek the blessings of Almighty to keep the school in the triumphant path.

Thank you.

Long live SKPS.

Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattu OSB